Brian Boothby's Tribute to Yeast Radio and Madge Weinstein

My name is Brian Boothby. I live in America. My best podcaster is Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio. She is the bomb. She is smart and intelligent. She takes no gruff. She is mad at America. She has a podcast called Yeast Radio. She is a lesbian. I like Madge Weinstein. NOTE: THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL FAN CLUB -- THESE ARE NOT SHOWNOTES OR VERY ACCURRATE TO ACTUAL SHOW. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS OF YEAST RADIO, (A GREAT PODCAST) NO ONE ELSES. SATIRE PEOPLE

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yeast Radio #514 -- My thoughts

Friday, December 29, 2006

Come to my New Years Eve Party

I was so sad that the Madge Weinstein would not go on a date with me.

But I said: Get over it Brian Boothby! You are a winner, not a loser! Just like the Rocky.

So I took my Madge Weinstein date money and used it to throw a killer New Year's Eve Party for all of you at the Center I live and work at in America.

You can listen to it right here.

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Yeast Radio #511-513 -- My thoughts. . .

I have been so super down in the dumps because the Madge Weinstein made fun of me and refuses to go on a grown-up date with me.

Because I am so super hurt, it was super hard to listen to the Madge Weinstein, even though I am like the President of her fan club and think she is the best.

It also does not help that shows have been like totally super boring.

If you need to know, you can here these Madge Weinstein shows:





If you need to know, the Madge Weinstein uses her computer telephone to talk to a lot of people on the computer.

The Madge Weinstein likes Kentucky Fried Chicken. (everybody needs a little KFC!!!)

The Madge Weinstein hates the Roosevelt.

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Yeast Radio #510 -- My thoughts

This show is like so super terrifying and super sad for me.

Cheryl Merkowski makes fun of the Baby Jesus by singing a song about jew tops. I like tops! They spin and spin and spin! When I spin I get super dizzy. It is crazy.

Jewish people celebrate Hanaku -- which is fake Christmas.

Annoying person reads from the dictionary.

More Cheryl Merkowski nonsense. This time she talks about the Baby Jesus's birthday.


It to 6 whole minutes before we heard the Madge Weinstein.

Madge uses the phone on her computer to talk to a another lady.

Madge has a delay that is like a year.


Oh no! the Madge Weinstein is like, losing her hearing. It takes her like a year to hear what Grizalda is saying.

I like totally want to buy the Madge Weinstein some ear plugs so she can totally hear again.

Madge wants to see the movie Dreams. I want to take her to see the Rocky Balboa

Madge subscribes to the O

Madge bought a swedish prolapse. Madge wants to alligator all the tags with the prolapse.

Grizalda went to the doctor. She has problems going to the bathroom on her foot. That's like super embarrassing. She should wear an adult diaper. That's funny, but it will keep her dry.

Madge is depressed because she found a key in her pie. That is super dangerous.

Madge is eating cheap public ice cream.

Madge admits she is a night binger. Madge is so totally honest with us.

Madge says gifts are stupid for the fake Christmas.

Madge in a very subtle way hints for Grizalda to give Madge some coffee -- even though Madge says she does not like gifts.

Madge likes syrup. I like the flavors Maple and Cough.

Madge is very old and super fat.

Madge is going to donate some of her fat to Norway for fake gas.

Even though Grizzio is boring and annoying to listen to she she makes fun of people like Andy Melton. That's rude. Grizalda acts like her poop doesn't stink -- but it smells from here. And I live far away in America.

Boring fat talk.

My good friend Dace is on the phone.


Madge and Grizillio make fun of Dace. Grizillio makes people coffee at the Starbucks for a living.

My good friend Dace urges Madge to go on a date for me. Madge says no.

I saved up all my "Date with Madge Weinstein money" for like nothing.

I begin to cry and cry and cry.

I can't write anymore. If you need to know, the rest of the show is all about Madge and Grizillo (she makes people coffee and makes fun of people) talk about buying super expensive pantyhose and power girdles. That stuff is for ladies.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Madge Hates Me

The Madge Weinstein says she will not visit me on the Christmas at the Center I live and work at in America.

All I wanted was the gift of the Madge Weinstein.

I was going to pay for her dinner at Pizza Night at the Center I live and work at. For $4.50 you can get two slices of cheese Pizza and a diet coca-cola. I was going to use my work Center money to pay for it.

She says she won't come because she would have no place to sit but on my face if she came.

That is so not true. I would have made sure that she got to sit in the fancy-pants Lazy-Boy chair (that everyone at the Center fights to sit in) that we have in the T.V. room.

She says I do not know what lesbian means. But I do. That means she does not like to kiss boys and she has a thing for the ladies. It also means she does not eat meat of any of its by-products.

After Pizza Night I wanted to take her to the movie show and see the Rocky.

"Rocky Balboa" is in the movies right now. I wanted to see it with her. I love Rocky. He fights and fights and always wins. Just like the Madge Weinstein.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yeast Radio #501 -- My thoughts

I am super embarrassed for the Madge Weinstein. She is walking around Berlin (the good Germany, not the evil Nazi Germany, or the dirty Red Germany ) with really ugly hair. Poor Madge.

Madge is on a staircase with 7.

It is too hot for the Madge.

I am very mad at the 7. He is going to buy a day pass for the subway. He tells Madge to buy one too. How rude. Why does the Madge Weinstein have to buy it? 7 should buy one for Madge. Madge is a lady. Ladies should not have to buy their own bus passes.

No dead air.

God, Madge is hungry.

7 smoked less and ate more. 7 brags about doing yoga everyday. Madge makes a funny yogurt joke.

7 brags about doing 100 sit-ups a day.

Madge wants turkey pizza.

No gay life in Milan. Small cities are not gay says Madge.

Kurds like juice. Madge forgets why.

Now I am super mad. Madge buys her own train ticket. 7 is rude. 5.80 in fake Non America money!

7 takes Madge's money to buy ticket!!!! Even asks for 80 fake Non-America cents!

Why is Madge taking the bus anyway? 7 should have rented a fancy Chevrolet car for someone like the Madge Weinstein.

Buses are for poor people. Madge is not poor.

Oh Madge, be careful with the bratwurst.

Why is Madge Weinstein running for the bus? I am very upset.

Why the f@ck would you pay 3,200 in fake money for HDTV?

Madge is going to Ebbets Field.

Elitist theater talk.

7 has been talking valium for 2 1/2 years. What a nervous Nelly.

Madge doesn't like cauliflower. And she has to talk about Yeast.

The bus is obnoxious.

Rush is for real.

I am very mad. Madge is on a loud bus talking about Yeast.

Madge thinks the German ghetto is nice.

7 thinks Madge looks better than Fredrick Douglas.

People are talking funny German talk in the background.

We don't talk about Hitler on this site.

Madge loves the Star Wars trilogies -- especially Yoda.

Madge is pregnant with Vice President of America's baby!

Then the Madge played telephone on her computer.

Auntie B sounds all sexy like, but not as sexy as the PizzaBabe.

I like PizzaBabe.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Happy 500 day Madge Weinstein!

(Sung to the tune of "Day by Day" by Fredric Neietzsche)

Day by day
day by day
Oh Dear Adam Curry
Three things I pray
That Podshow Plus would work more clearly
That you love Madge Weinstein more dearly
That Yeast gets more sponsors (not just merely)
Day by day


oh. . .

Day by day
day by day
Oh Dear Adam Curry
Three things I pray
That Podshow Plus would work more clearly
That you love Madge Weinstein more dearly
That Yeast gets more sponsors (not just merely)
Day by day

(Brian Boothby and Yeast Radio Fan Club Chorus)

Day by day
day by day
Oh Dear Adam Curry
Three things I pray
That Podshow Plus would work more clearly
That you love Madge Weinstein more dearly
That Yeast gets more sponsors (not just merely)
Day by day

Day by day
day by day
Oh Dear Adam Curry
Three things I pray
That Podshow Plus would work more clearly
That you love Madge Weinstein more dearly
That Yeast gets more sponsors (not just merely)
Day by day

Day by day
day by day
Oh Dear Adam Curry
Three things I pray. . .

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Monday, December 04, 2006

I is back. I still love the Madge Weinstein

A lot of you have been all super worried about the Brian Boothby because I have not been writing to the Yeast Radio Fan Club Computer Site.

Don't worry. I am back.

When the Madge Weinstein told us all she was leaving America to go to Not America I freaked out at the Center I live and work at in America. I got all spastic like and hit my dorm mate Scott Bartlett by super accident.

But I was busted by the man.

The Center boss lady, Ms. Mary Pat Murphy, took away my computer lab time for like a month. It was awful.

I also had to spend 48 hours (the maximum the State allows) in the "quiet room" with only a mattress and paper and a black crayon.

I had to read about the anger managment.

And I am back on the "shock day" rotation. Shock day at the Center is super scary. The only good thing about it is that you get to drink as much orange juice as you want after.

I like super missed Madge Weinstein.

Here is what I know about the Yeast Radio (which is the best computer audio program you would ever want to know about. And I ain't whistling Dixie if you know what I am saying):

I am very upset. The airplane people would not take the Madge Weinstein to Not America right away and made her live with the Indians.

If you do not know, Indians are losers who drink too much and lost all their land because they drank too much firewater and bitch and moan about it. (That is what my Dad tells me anyway)

Madge doesn't have time for nonsense.

When she got to Not America Madge spent a super amount of time on the toilet. And she talked about poop a super lot.

The she went to fancy pants restaurants and talked to a bunch of people I do not know.

The Madge Weinstein also obsessed about Amanda Congdon.

I have to admit Amanda Congdon is a super pretty computer lady. Much prettier than the Madge Weinstein. But Madge is the lesbian grandmother I never ever had.

Madge spent a whole lot of time on the computer telephone.

The Madge Weinstein is super mad at the Adam Curry.

And I am very upset Madge did not drink the real coffee for fake Thanksgiving.

I will update more.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

I am all mad at Harley Davidson -- Yeast Radio #489

I am very mad at the Harley Davidson.

The Madge Weinstein has a very important computer show to do and Harley Davidson keeps closing the door on Madge and blocking Madge's wi-fi.

That's not right.

If Madge's computer slows down, we all can't listen so good.

Harley Davidson needs to respect Madge Weinstein's computer space.

And there was also a bunch of trannies on the phone but you couldn't hear it so good because Skype sucks.

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